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Twice a year the CSA brings the Caribbean shipping industry together for discussion and review of relevant trends and developments. These powerful General meetings, held over two to three days, are designed for senior executives and provide a valuable forum for learning and gathering useful and current information about all aspects of shipping. They have also been invaluable for networking and establishing new business contacts. Delegates attending CSA meetings are, generally, the principals and key decision-makers in Caribbean shipping.

General meetings are held in a different territory each time. They allow the CSA to disseminate information and to organize technical forums for the discussion of specific ideas and methods.

General meetings allow for plenary presentations as well as workshops. Each of the three Groups of the CSA address their own agenda of issues and developments relevant to their area of operations.

Speakers and session leaders at CSA general meetings are among the leaders in their chosen field or the most knowledgeable about a specific subject.

Attendance at general meetings is generally over 200 delegates but, as with the Annual General Meeting, Conference and Exhibition each October, can easily number over 250 delegates.




Mission Statement

"To promote and foster the highest quality service to the maritime industry through training development; working with all agencies, groups and More...


4 Fourth Avenue, P.O. Box 1050

Kingston C.S.O., Jamaica

Tel: (876)923-3491 Fax: (876)7571592

Email: csa@cwjamaica.com


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